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What Food WhyTM shop, select, cook, and eat healthier foods, anywhere in the world you have internet and/or mobile device service.
Create shopping lists of nutritious whole foods you love and/or want to eat.
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  • Save/Modify Shopping Lists.
  • Mobile Application Lists May be Sent to E-mail to Print.
  • Send your shopping lists to your mobile device.
  • Template Shopping Lists.
  • Find/Recommend Farmers Markets, Whole Food Recipes, & Restaurants Around the World.
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What Food WhyTM makes selecting nutritious whole foods easy fun for everyone anywhere.

What Food WhyTM provides nutritional information on foods from all over the world, and for users around the world.

You can access, What Food WhyTM from your home, grocery stores, roadside stands, farmers markets, farms, co-ops, gardens or garden stores anywhere in the world that you can go on-line, or use your mobile device*.

What Food WhyTM provides nutritional overviews on a wide variety of whole foods.

What Food WhyTM creates printable shopping lists with the nutritional value of the foods and servings you select.

What Food WhyTM helps you select nutritious vegetables, fruits, & herbs to grow in your garden.

What Food Why WebTM charitable giving

What Food WhyTM Makes Donations From Application Sales profits to Organizations, Programs, and Universities that make a difference for children and people around the world.

What Food Why,TM will make donations from sales profits to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment.

What Food Why WebTM

What Food WhyTM and Baby Cat Productions, are committed to the development, growth and improvement of What Food WhyTM web and mobile applications.

What Food WhyTM the easiest, most productive way for people everywhere to improve their diet and health naturally.

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